About Intelvestment, LLC

Intelvestment, LLC is the real estate investment division of Infomatek Inc., a leading consulting on Information Technology and Business Continuity, Security and Disaster Recovery and Business Analysis.  Founded by Albert Ankhoa, a 30-year veteran of Real Estate, IT and customer service industry, Intelvestment, LLC mission is to help build and enrich the quality of life of member investors through intelligent investments and management of real estate, land and income properties.  Our business operations practices are governed by the three-pillar principles of Integrity, Growth and Harmony.  

We believe businesses can not survive in a long term without Integrity - the yard stick for Intelvestment's business conducts.  Secondly, a business cannot afford not to grow, because standing still while others progress is going backward.  A day without learning or accomplishing something new while helping others grow in many aspects is not a worthy day.  Last but not least, is the principle of Harmony - businesses and individuals cannot afford not to find comfort and peace within ourselves.  Men who cannot find peace from within himself will lead to self destruction.  Business without ethical standards (integrity) and harmony among its associates will also lead to bankruptcy (i.e., Milliken, Enron, MCI/WorldCom, Qwest, etc.).

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