On December 28th, 2004, Intelvestment LLC, a Real Estate division of Infomatek Inc., completed its acquisition of Eastridge Office Center from Sierra Development in Ridgecrest, CA.  The new management team comprised of veterans of Real Estate, Information Technology, and Business Re-engineering industries.  Mr. Albert Ankhoa, CEO and President of Infomatek Inc., Ankhoa Agency International Inc.,  and Intelvestment LLC,  has over 28 years of experience in Information Technology,  Real Estate, and Business Re-engineering consulting.  He held various management and engineering positions during his 25 years of service with GTE and Verizon including Sr. Administrator, Network Provisioning Services and Technical Staff member for GTE-West Area, supporting the seven Western states.  He is the founder Infomatek Inc., an IT and Engineering company that he founded in 1999.   He is a member of Council of Advisors of Gerson and Lehman of NY, NY and a Board member of Infomatek Inc, Intelvestment, New Vision Inc., and GenX Technologies.   He obtained his MBA from University of Phoenix in 1995, and BSME from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in 1979, and BSEE from Florida Technological University in 1975.  He presently provides business and technology consulting to Fortune 500 companies and teaches IT and MBA courses at UOP and Keller Graduate School of Management, Southern California Campuses.

Anthony Phan has over 25 years of Real Estate experience both in the Commercial and Residential sectors.  He is the broker and founder of Echo Realty and Finance in Westminster, CA.  He recently joined  Intelvestment LLC as a team leader of the Property Management division.  He obtained his JD law degree in 1984 at California Western School of Law.  He held various management position with GTE-CA in the Land and Building and Real Estate departments.

The governing principles of INTELVESTMENT are Integrity, Growth and Harmony.  "We believe businesses can not survive in a long term without Integrity - the yard stick for Intelvestment's business conducts.  Secondly, a business cannot afford not to grow, because standing still while others progress is going backward.  A day without learning or accomplishing something new while helping others grow in many aspects is not a worthy day.  Last but not least, is the principle of Harmony - businesses and individuals cannot afford not to find comfort and peace within ourselves.  Men who cannot find peace from within himself will lead to self destruction.  Business without ethical standards (integrity) and harmony among its associates will also lead to bankruptcy (i.e., Enron)" - Albert Ankhoa, founder of Intelvestment, LLC

How To and Office Space Availability:

  • How and Where to Make Monthly Rent Payments:

    By Mail:

    • Make check payable to: INTELVESTMENT, LLC
    • Send to: 5821 Jones Ave - Westminster, CA 92683

    By Automatic Bank Transfer:

    • Set up a monthly electronic payment with your bank, i.e., Bill Payer on its Web site
    • Provide your bank with Intelvestment's Bank name, Routing #, Account # as shown below:
    • 1) US Bank - 2) Routing #: 122235821  and 3) Account #: 153454456721
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